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a personalized analysis of your child's current diet, as compared to the recommended nutrient levels set by leading health authorities


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As a pediatric gastroenterologist with over 20 years of experience, I am deeply concerned about the increase in IBD cases - Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn's & Ulcerative Colitis) - among small children in the UAE that often go hand in hand with a diet high in processed foods.

Dr. Christos Tzivinikos
Consultant Pediatric Gastroenterology, Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital

What parents are saying about NutriCheck

This is exactly what I’ve been hoping for. My child is 3 years old and he’s quite picky. I can gauge if he’s getting enough calories based on his weight but how can I tell if he’s getting the vitamins and minerals he needs?

Patricia Prnova
This program was a big help in changing the way I look at my daughter’s food and I feel I’m doing a much better job at feeding her healthier more nutrient dense food on a regular basis.

Charlotte Hall
I was worried about the way I handled my son’s picky eating phases and if I should be more encouraging at meal-times. This program really put my mind at ease and overall meal times are a lot more enjoyable! Thank you! 

Aisha Hassan

How It Works


Send us photos, written messages or voice notes of what your child eats for 5 days (Saturday through Wednesday). Our customer experience team will document what your child ate and record it in an approved template.


Our Nutrition Scientists will conduct an in-depth review of every piece of food your child ate and come back to you with a comprehensive report highlighting key findings and suggestions on next steps.


Receive 1:1 expert sessions with our Biochemist, Dietician or Pediatrician to review your child’s unique NutriCheck report and recommendations, answer questions and offer advice on any areas of concern.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about your child’s nutrition health, how to better feed them for health and connect with our team of professionals to answer any questions.

Who we are

Sprout is a purpose-driven company that focuses on children’s health through nutrition. We believe in the power of nutrition to change the health of an entire generation. Our mission is to revolutionize the way our children eat (for health) for the rest of their lives.

Food is one part of our story. The other is to empower parents to make better decisions about their kids’ diets – today and in the future!

Carolin Wiedmann 
Pediatrician, MD

Dr. Carolin is a pediatrician and a co-founder of the Physicians Association of Nutrition (PAN). She is specializing in pediatric nutrition and allergology and worked at the Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital of the LMU in Munich, Germany.

Jordana Ventzke 
Dietician, LD

Jordana is a licensed pediatric dietician specializing in weaning, fussy eating, and  feeding therapy. She's also a certified SOS Feeding Therapist with deep experience and expertise in the first 1,000 days of life.

Oz Erbas Soydaner
Biochemist, BSc/MSc

Oz is the Founder and CEO of Sprout. She holds a BSc and MSc in Biochemistry from the Freie Universitat in Berlin, Germany. She specializes in pediatric nutrition and is leading the development of Sprout food products and services.

“This research-backed program will lower your stress around your child’s nutrition!”


After the NutriCheck program, you’ll know how to:

  • Understand how to make better food decisions for your child & home.
  •  Identify if there are any nutritional gaps in your child’s diet.
  • Work your way towards making your child a more diverse eater.
  • Understand the implications of too many or too little vitamins and minerals in your child’s diet.
  • Get useful tips & tricks on how to manage phases of picky eating and/or problem feeders.
  • Understanding the difference between food intolerance and allergies.
  • Identify what a well balanced plate should be for a child based on science!
  • Understand the importance of your child eating more whole food plant based foods.

What do I get?

Day 1
Introduction and onboarding call to your assigned personal NutriCheck Customer Experience Team member.

Days 2-6
Tracking and recording of everything your child eats for 5 days, including drinks and even candy.

Days 7&8
We thoroughly analyze the nutritional value of everything your child ate against reference values set by global authorities. We are using a world-class nutrition software and combine the output with expert review and input.  We issue a findings report with recommendations specifically tailored to your child.
Days 9
Consultation session with our Nutrition Scientist to present findings.

Day 10
Consultation session with our Pediatrician or Dietician to discuss findings/recommendations, answer questions, and plan your next steps. 

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T&Cs apply.
Ready to take the guesswork out of feeding your children?

NutriCheck FAQ's

Who can use NutriCheck?

NutriCheck is for all kids, starting with babies when they can sit and eat. We highly recommend it for parents whose kids are within the first 1,000 days of growth because that's where nutrition plays a particularly critical role for a healthy development. 

Who will do the food analysis?

The food and nutrition analysis will be done by a qualified team member using an internationally recognized and certified software by Esha Research. However, the results will be interpreted by professionals (ie pediatricians, dieticians, etc) who will also provide their recommendations.

What will you analyze?
  1. We will conduct a thorough analysis of your child's food & drink intake over a period of time to gain insights into nutrient values and overall diet composition. The term "food and drinks" represents anything and everything you feed your child, from water to chewing gum. 
  2. Major areas of nutrient analysis are macronutrients such as fat, protein, carbohydrates, but also the quality of these. For example, within fats, we want to know how much saturated fat vs Omega 3 fats, etc.
  3. Micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, especially those that are considered critical for the development of children. We will further look at the overall composition of your child's diet to assess how balanced and diversified it is and where you can make changes or swaps to improve it. 
How accurate is the analysis?

We are analyzing your child's food intake not only for nutrients, but also for diversity and overall balance against the latest consensus in pediatric health and nutrition. The analysis also takes into account specific requirements due to age, weight and level of physical activity. Assuming we are able to get high quality data about your child's food & drink intake, the analysis will be fairly accurate to draw reasonable conclusions. 

For the purpose of our analysis, we will be working with internationally established "average" nutrients for common foods such as potatoes, bananas, etc. which is more than sufficient to draw reasonable conclusions. Please note, that for example, nutrients in a banana change depending on conditions that are out of our control– e.g. the soil it was grown in, the ripeness of the fruit the moment it was eaten, or the specific variety your child ate. All of this will influence the nutrients it contains (in absolute terms).

What will I get out of NutriCheck?

NutriCheck will give you insights into the nutritional completeness, diversity and relative balance of your child's diet depending on his/her age, weight and level of activity. 

You will be able to see whether your child is getting enough calcium or iron (as specific minerals) or enough fruits & vegetables, as a food group. We will also give you feedback on easy swaps or changes you can make to better balance your child's diet and you will get to discuss these findings and recommendations with experts in the field. 

What is the process and how long will it take?

The entire process is intended to be completed in 10 days. This includes a 5-day food & drink analysis, report issuance, recommendation formulation and discussions with experts. 

Will I get to speak to a dietician or medical professional?

Absolutely, yes! As part of NutriCheck you will get to speak to our founder, Oz who is a Biochemist with a focus on kids nutrition, and either a Pediatrician (MD) or a Dietician (LD) depending on what's most valuable to your child's specific case. 

Do I have to meet you in person?

No, you don't. Data collection, analysis and even the discussions with our expert team will all happen online. 

Do I have to take my child to a clinic?

No, you don't. 

Will you be taking biological samples such as blood or urine samples?

No, we will not. This is a completely non-invasive procedure and we will not collect any biological samples. 

Will I get a report?

Absolutely, yes! You will receive a detailed NutriCheck Analysis Report with how your child's nutrition intake compares to pediatric nutrition requirements, where potential gaps or excesses are, and recommendations on how to better balance her diet going forward. 

What happens after NutriCheck?

NutriCheck is a "nutrition check" at a point in time. For parents of children within the first 1,000 days of life, we strongly recommend to repeat NutriCheck again either quarterly or at least twice a year, depending on your child's specific case and discussions with our experts. For toddlers and young kids who generally eat well and have no issues a yearly check might be right. And for those kids with severe picky eating behavior, we recommend to schedule a personalized approach with us through our Dietician. 

Terms & Conditions:

 The EARLYBIRD is a limited quantity offer for the first 10 NutriCheck customers. 

View NutriCheck's full Terms & Conditions here.

We use nutrition science to make children healthier.

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